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Journal of Contemporary Social Science and Education

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101 Effective Ways of Mentoring Teens In The 21st Century




This book lists and explains different ways parents/guardians or care givers can use to mentor their teens. This book has been designed in an easy to read and apply the concepts learned. The principles in this book can also be used to mentor children of other ages too.

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GMP Journals is an open–access journal that accepts multidisciplinary articles committed to promoting research in the fields of humanities and social sciences, education, science and technology among others. It encourages scientific research by publishing the researched outcome in vast areas through the open-access model. It is aimed at the development and rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge to the global community without any restrictions.

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  1. ISSN Print: 2788-9939
  2. ISSN Online: 2788-9947
  3. Journal DOI:
  4. Digital Archiving: Internet Archive, Zenodo
  5. Indexed in: OpenAIRE

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