Route to market: Activity recommendations. Distributor business partnership scheme

Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences and Education

Published : 2019-11-05


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Author: Alfred Kihungi Githinji


Kenyans are bracing themselves for hard times ahead because of skyrocketing prices of essential items such as food and fuel prices. This would lead to some of the wholesalers and retailers diverting funds that were traditionally meant for buying slow-moving commodities to buying food and food items such as fast-moving commodities. By partnering with distributors and creating partnerships with a few selected big distributors who will purchase more volume on a given target thus helping companies reduce Out-of-stock situations and achieve our end-of-year target. The evaluation criteria include weekly evaluations against targets that will be conducted and report on volume growth from the scheme. The plan of action includes the identification of credible big distributors who we will target. Operations implications include anticipated additional volumes will come from the distributors' buffer and thus need to monitor buffer levels frequently.

Keywords: Wholesalers, distributor, partnership


Githinji, A. K. (2019). Route to market: Activity recommendations. Distributor business partnership scheme. Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences and Education. Vol.1, No 1, P.1-3.

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