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Get your research paper published in a month. Our article process fee is friendly to undergraduate, postgraduate diploma, master's, Ph.D. students, and young scientists. We also offer full thesis publication and book publishing among other services.


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GMP journals is calling for papers and articles for the current issue. Conference papers and articles are also accepted. SUBMIT NOW.


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Publish the current data from your country. Paper from social science, latest vaccine development, data on deaths and rising cases. SUBMIT NOW.


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Publish your latest research in our peer reviewed journal. Get your paper indexed and cited faster using this journal. SUBMIT NOW.

Aims and Scope of GMP Journals

Peer-reviewed, original research and review articles are published under open access in GMP journals.

GMP journals accept multidisciplinary articles committed to promoting research in the fields of humanities and social sciences, education science and technology, medicine, and engineering among others.

The goal of GMP journals is to become the top publishing journal in the world.

Each article's research methodology is assessed by the journal for validity before it is accepted, and publications are only accepted based on the research. Similarly, GMP Journals make it easier to find connections between publications by not limiting them to a certain topic, either inside or between disciplines.

GMP Journals provides writers with a continuous publication style and worldwide distribution for their research. To assure quality, each article is carefully copyedited and typeset. The following individuals should submit to GMP Journals:

  • Authors that desire rapid production and high-quality reviews for their works.
  • Authors who seek a strong, highly discoverable publishing platform to distribute their articles for free, broadly, and internationally.
  • Authors that desire a top publisher in their field of study and promote their works.
  • Authors who are required by their universities or the governments to make their articles open access.

Archival Policy

For digital preservation, the articles in these journals are continuously archived in several archiving agencies including the Internet Archive.

Authors can deposit all paper versions (Preprint, Author's Accepted Manuscript, and Published articles) in any institutional or subject repository.